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Asset Owners  /  PlanBroker

PlanBroker from National One Call provides asset owner plans to enquirers, and can provide permits where appropriate, offering massive savings and opportunities for efficiency to asset owners and authorities with responsibility for traffic monitoring / street lighting etc equipment.

PlanBroker is available to all asset owners. The ideal is that we have online access or can be provided with CD/DVD plans or documents but we can work with other arrangements. Call us to discuss your particular situation and how we can help. PlanBroker is particularly useful where the asset owner wishes to ensure their documents are made available but cannot or does not wish to provide a general access.

If you have a constant back-log of enquiries or cannot guarantee to provide plans within 10 working days then talk to us about PlanBroker. We can also work with specific routes such as pipelines, motorways, rivers, rail tracks etc to define areas of easement and monitor encroachment and risk. PlanBroker provides plans to all enquiries to you, not only those made through National One Call. PlanBroker does exactly what the asset owner themselves would have to do to respond to any Enquiry.

PlanBroker can considerably reduce your lead-time for providing plans, getting a quicker service to the Enquirer and enhancing your reputation for speed and accuracy of response. A plan through PlanBroker can be delivered to the enquirer within 1 working day of the enquiry, where the industry average is considered to be 10 working days, but in reality is closer to 15 working days. You can specify your lead-time as 1, 5, or 10 working days.

The asset owner decides if to charge for plans or not: we can help you formulate good policies for plan provisioning and charging for plans. Once set up on PlanBroker you can direct all enquirers and enquiries to our service where we will provide your plans in your name and still give you the information required for protection and coordination. We also collect charges if that is your policy.

How do we get the PlanBroker Service?

Click here to contact us about our PlanBroker service. Tell us about how many enquiries you currently deal with on a monthly basis and your plan-charging policies. We will get to work on a proposal for you to consider about how PlanBroker can help.

PlanBroker can be provisioning your plans within 1 working week. Call us on 0800 0853 865 to discuss your needs.

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